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ディスプレイス メディア

Displaced Media is a Premium full service music production and acting team led by actor/producer Marcus "DJ L-Spade" Johnson and creative visionary Randell "Escoth" Roach. We provide engaging content for commercials, video games, and films. As creative intellectuals and music producers we regularly bring the quality of work our clients expect. We pride ourselves on using the most recent technology in order to deliver mind blowing creative ideas. We work with some of the best brands to help them tell their story with an infusion of addictive beats.

Advertisement agencies, creative directors, and brands partner with us because we go beyond just music and acting.

  • Commercial & Movie Acting
  • Creative Consulting
  • Content Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Custom Music Production


私達のサービスの範囲はカスタムメイド音楽のプロダクションから創造的な相談、あなたの夢を実現にする事まで渡ります。 あなたが求める制作を完成します。私達の顧客の期待に応えるか、その期待を上回るように努力します。 どういう可能性があるのをイメージできるように、この下にある、私達の色んなサービスの目録をご覧ください。

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what we do

acting and Performance

We offer premium performances on every video and commercial project. We are experts at following your vision to the very end creating a compelling story and offering the best in class service. Our clients trust us to tell their stories in creative and memorable ways.

Custom Music Procuction

Music is the universal language. It's able to communicate across platforms seamlessly in ways words simply can not. We are dedicated to creating custom sounds that bring your creative concepts to life.

Creative ideas & Consulting

If you're not sure about how to best deliver your message to your audience or would like to expand your audience in Japan and USA effectively we will help determine the best path to take. In this profession "one size does NOT fit all." We use our entertainment connections and years of expertise to provide creative solutions for our clients.

Displaced Media

  • Music Production
  • Acting
  • Brainstorming
  • Song Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • branding
  • Consulting
  • Script Writing
  • Commercials

meet the team

our creative developer team

Dedication to getting it right the first time should always be a priority. We put our best foot forward starting from the first step.

our creative designer team

Knowing what is popular and trending on both sides of the equator is not only fun but essential. We are glad to bring our knowledge to every project.